Sleepwalking disorders are becoming very common among small children. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 1% of pre-school children suffer from sleepwalking disorders. Today in this article you will read everything about sleepwalking and its treatment option. You will also get every answer related to sleepwalking here so let’s get started.

What is Sleepwalking?

The sleepwalking disorder is also known as somnambulism which is a behavior disorder that emerges from a deep sleep and leads to walking while sleeping. This condition is very complex and it is very difficult to awake people while sleepwalking. It is also known as a series of complex behavior which ranges from sitting in the bed, walking around the room, looking around, and even driving for long distances. Many people think that it is not safe to awaken people who are sleepwalking but it is not true. Sleepwalking is usually triggered by sedative agents, drug abuse, tension, bipolar, and febrile illness.

You will be shocked to know that sleepwalking is more common in children than adults. Here are some common symptoms related to sleepwalking.

Sleepwalking: Symptoms

The symptoms are usually seen after a few hours of falling asleep which are as follows-

  • Sleep Talking
  • Memory loss
  • Abnormal behaviors such as urinating in bed
  • Screaming in sleep
  • Violent thrashing while sleeping

What happens during sleepwalking?

When sleepwalking, you will get off your bed and start walking around. You will be dazed and confused, and clumsy while sleepwalking. The most common thing which you will see in sleepwalking is repeated motions such as rubbing your eye. In the chronic form of sleepwalking, you will have sleep apnea,  a breathing problem while sleeping.

Is sleepwalking harmful?

This is a very common question from sleepwalkers Basically sleepwalking is not difficult in itself, but when kids suffer from sleepwalking then it can be harmful. While sleepwalking kids can fall from stairs and out the window. It is also a sign of emotional stress and psychological problems.

Role Of CBD In Sleepwalking

CBD is the non-psychoactive substance extracted from hemp plants. It has zero THC which makes it completely safe to use. CBD has different therapeutic properties which suppress the paranoid thoughts and anxiety level to improve your sleep quality. You can add CBD in your food or drink or take it sublingually before bed. Consuming CBD in vapor form is the most effective way of improving your sleep.

How you can keep sleepwalker safe?

Sleepwalking can be very dangerous so it is essential to give proper care to a person. Below there are some tips which can help you in keeping sleepwalker safe.

  • Try not to wake up sleepwalker because it can scare them, especially children. Just gently guide them back to bed if they are not in immediate danger.
  • If your child is suffering from sleepwalking,  keep your doors and windows closed.
  • Use a bunk bed for your children.
  • Take away sharp objects from the bedroom.
  • Remove the objects which can your children to trip.

When you should consult the doctor?

There are no initial symptoms of sleepwalking so it is very difficult to identify it. If your child or you are sleeping more than need during day time then consult a doctor right away. If you are going through abnormal behaviors then also consult the doctor.

How you can prevent yourself from sleepwalking?

Before taking your child to bed make him listen to soft music or some relaxing tapes. Make a proper sleep schedule and wake schedule. Strictly avoid the intake of caffeine before going to bed. You should also make sure you have a quiet surrounding and comfortable bed for sleeping.

Summing Up!

Sleepwalking is a serious disorder which can affect you and your child so always give proper care and treatment when suffering from sleepwalking. Apart from medication use of CBD is also effective in sleepwalking.

In this article, I have mentioned all the essential information related to sleeping walking. If you have any natural treatment option related to sleepwalking then feel free to mention it in the comment section. I will be glad to mention it.

Thank you for your time.