Sometimes there are some moments in our life which makes us feel sad. These uncertain moments can result in depression. Depression is a serious mental condition in which you feel sad, lack of interest and lack of motivation intensely. Depression is a worldwide problem which is affecting millions of people every year and it can lead to physical and mental problems due to which you won’t be able to live your life normally.

Today, in this article we will talk about everything about depression and magical compound CBD. You will also read how CBD can help in fighting with depression.

Depression: Sign & Symptoms

Depression is a feeling of sadness and an abnormal response to different life events. Different life events can be responsible for depression-like major life change, loss of someone close and disappointment from family and loved ones.

List of symptoms related to depression

  1. Constant feeling of sadness and having a depressed mood
  2. Lack of interest in different activities which you used to enjoy
  3. Change in appetite which can cause sudden weight loss or gain
  4. Having a feeling of worthless and guilty
  5. Lack of decision making and having thought of suicide
  6. Lack of sleep and continuous feeling of restless

The symptoms of depression can be identified after two weeks. Apart from these symptoms, you may also suffer different medical conditions like thyroid problems and lack of vitamins. One thing which is very important about depression is that it can strike you any time, there is no particular age for it.

Types Of Depression That Can Affect You

Major depressive disorder | in this type of disorder there is a major shift in mood, you may start feeling fatigued, you may also observe difficulty in sleeping and change in body weight. MDD is caused by some uncertain news which can be unbelievable for you.

Bipolar disorder | in this disorder there can be a major shift in feelings and mood. The change and shift in mood can be so extreme that you might be hospitalized for it. In bipolar mental illness, there is a greater chance of suicide. Symptoms related to bipolar can be insomnia, fatigue, pain in the body, the feeling of hopeless and helpless and anxiety.

Postpartum depression | postpartum depression is caused due to a huge hormonal shift in women during the time of pregnancy. It can lead to excessive sadness because of which medical treatment becomes essential.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder | this is caused by a shift in hormones, it can lead to mood swings which can even result in crying. Change in hormonal level is the result of a change in lifestyle.

CBD An Antidepressant For You

CBD is a naturally occurring chemical compound which is obtained from the hemp plant in different forms like tincture, oil, wax, and topicals. CBD oil has emerged as a potential alternative to fight with depression. It has no concentration of THC, which means CBD can’t get you high. Use of CBD helps to regulate the different functions of the body like mood, sleep, and others. CBD regulates serotonin chemical compound which plays a major role in reducing stress and improving mood.

Different Ways To Consume CBD

There are several ways in which you can consume CBD. Different forms of CBD are available as capsules, tinctures, cream, and serum. You can consume CBD orally just by adding a few drops to your food, you can also use it in vape pens to get quick relief. Before consuming CBD products you can also consult the doctor for the number of dosages.

My Final Thoughts

So now you know how depression can affect your both physical and mental health. If you have any of the depression symptoms then you should consult the doctor right away.

Apart from the medications, you can also use CBD infused products to get relief from different depression disorders. In depression share your feelings with your loved ones and take part in activities which you love.

I hope you all like this article “Using CBD As A Potent Antidepressant”. If you are aware of any other natural way to treat depression then feel free to mention it in the comment section. Thank you for reading this article.